This is process of taking the plans which, as they are drawn, would build a hamster-sized boat and scaling them up and onto the actual plywood for a human-sized boat, while meanwhile introducing measurement and mathematical errors wherever possible. This is sheet #2, after I’d already cut out panels from sheet #1 to be used as templates.

Don’t assume anything is square and you can’t always measure from the nearest gridline/edge. remember where you’re measuring from. In gridding out the sheets, I plan which side, left or right, to measure the gridline from based the pieces for which it will influence the cut. Don’t assume anything’s parallel either. This 4x8 sheet is actually more like 4 x 8 1/16… measured on the left edge. On the right, it would be more like 4 1/16 x 8.

Next up: measure twice, cut once.

my assistant discovering that I only made two mistakes, at least before we started cutting.